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SSO Stat!

Single Sign-On in One Day

Requires no new software, no in-house expertise

Most organizations steadily bleed profit from the bottom line due to outdated password management techniques, unable to achieve Single Sign-On due to its complexity and perceived cost.

Botz & Associates’ SSO stat! service eliminates up to 80% of most organizations’ password management costs within 1 day — using technology you already own — with positive ROI typically achieved in 4- 12 months!

We can help you quickly diagnose the severity of your password management condition and determine whether your organization is a good candidate for SSO stat!

The SSO stat! service includes:

  1. 1-day implementation of SSO between Windows-based workstations and AIX, IBM i, Unix and Linux systems
  2. Hands-on implementation training with an experienced SSO expert
  3. On-going tech support to proactively address issues introduced by OS or application updates.

What You Achieve with SSO STAT!

Eliminate up to 80% of Password Problems

For most organizations, the vast majority of password problems occur when users access servers from their PCs. The Botz SSO stat! service quickly and efficiently eliminates multiple passwords between Windows and your IBM i, AIX/UNIX and Linux systems. Depending on your IT environment, this cost-effective service can eliminate up to 80% or more of your password management costs.

Basic SSO in 1 Day

Avoid the long and complex SSO learning curve. Our experts teach your Security Officer the SSO concepts necessary for your environment, guide them through each of the configuration steps to implement all of your current users, and train them to implement new users — all in a single day!

Immediate, Tangible Results

Unlike most IT projects, the positive impact of SSO stat! is immediately evident across the enterprise. End users love that they no longer have to log in to applications they use every day, the number of Helpdesk calls drops, and everyone experiences fewer password-related distractions. The best part, though, is that most organizations achieve ROI within the first 12 months, and the savings continue year after year.

No New Software Required

If your IT network includes a Windows Domain, you are already using and managing the software you need to implement SSO for many of your systems and applications.. Most IT professionals just need experienced guidance on how to configure the complex software on non-Windows systems within their specific environment.

Minimal Investment

With no software to buy and the efficiency of 1-on-1 training by an independent expert, most organizations can implement basic SSO — with a full year of technical support — for under $7,000.

Risk-Free Implementation

The SSO stat! approach is non-disruptive, and your administrator remains in control of your systems at all times. Once we configure your non-Windows systems, you can immediately enable all of your users, a few users, or a single user to test results. You can also disable users from using SSO at any time. You maintain full control.

Proven ROI-Based Approach

SSO is not a technology problem — it’s a business problem. How do you minimize the cost of password management with the best possible ROI? Drawing on experience as chief security architect for IBM’s Power Systems, plus years of implementing SSO in all kinds of IT environments, Patrick Botz has developed a reliable process for quickly 1) measuring the costs of password management and 2) evaluating the best solution for your company based on ROI.

Vendor-Independent Guidance

Botz & Associates is not affiliated with – or compensated by – any SSO solution vendor, so you can be confident that any product recommendations stem 100% from the ability of the solution to address your needs.

Solutions for Atypical Environments

If your environment includes applications that cannot be implemented using the SSO stat! service, Botz & Associates provides a no-charge ROI calculator (and tutorial) that you can use to evaluate alternate solutions from an ROI perspective. Or you can engage Botz & Associates to help you quickly identify the most appropriate solution for your environment.

Contact us to see how rewarding SSO can be in your environment.


Free SSO ROI Calculator

Download the Botz SSO ROI Calculator to get a more precise, independent estimate of SSO's payback period and long-term ROI for your organization.

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