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Custom Security Services

Need help with a specific IT security project?

Clients often come to us when their business requirements change to get expert consultation on their security policies, architecture and design. Often, they also require technical help implementing solutions to meet new security objectives.

Botz & Associates has long-term experience in defining and implementing business-savvy security plans within the spectrum of simple through highly complex IT environments.

Botz specialties include:

  • Business process analysis and execution
  • Security management/implementation, cost analysis and/or cost reduction
  • Security policy development
  • Internal objective and requirement compliance
  • Industry or government compliance
  • Single Sign-On analysis and implementation
  • Enterprise transaction biometrics
  • Encryption strategy consulting, analysis, or implementation
  • Internal or external audit support
  • Audit issue remediation
  • On call technical questions
  • Education

To learn more, contact us to schedule a short 30-minute discussion of your particular needs. From that conversation we can provide a proposal to address your particular situation, typically within 2 working days.