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New Service from Botz & Associates
Implements Single Sign-On in One Day


SSO stat! requires no new software, no in-house expertise


Rochester, MN – October 17, 2012 — Information security specialists Botz & Associates today announce a new Single Sign-On (SSO) service that promises to eliminate up to 80% or more of an organization’s password management problems in one working day, using technology the organization already owns. Named SSO stat!, this service addresses the need for fast and affordable SSO implementation for IT networks that include a Windows domain in conjunction with any number of IBM i, AS/400, AIX, Mac OS, Unix or Linux systems. It overcomes the traditional barriers to single sign-on implementation — complexity and cost — by providing an SSO expert to guide technical staff through a proven methodology to configure single sign-on for their specific environment.

SSO stat! Results

According to Patrick Botz, CEO and Chief Technologist at Botz & Associates, customers who use the SSO stat! service experience smooth implementation with no disruption to business.

Ron Traut, Technology Support Manager at GNP Company, shares his experience. “We have a fairly complex environment for SSO, but because of Patrick’s knowledge and experience, our initial EIM/Kerberos setup for 500 users was a straightforward, streamlined process. He got our proof-of-concept team up and running quickly, and he taught us a lot during the process. Now we’re working on incorporating our more challenging third party and hosted apps before flipping the switch for the rest of the user base. We continue to be impressed with Pat’s technical knowledge and his ability to dig in and get it done.”

Botz developed the SSO stat! service based on two decades of implementing SSO solutions in a wide variety of IT environments. His experience includes designing the single sign-on functionality for OS/400 as Lead Security Architect at IBM, and working with numerous single sign-on clients as the founder of the IBM Lab Services Security Consulting practice and as an independent consultant.

A Business Approach to SSO

“We approach SSO as a business issue first, and then apply technology to solve the issue. This opens the door to solutions that are far more reasonably priced yet deliver 80% of the value,” explains Botz. “In other words, we measure the success of any SSO implementation based on the value it returns to the company compared to its cost. It’s basic ROI, and it allows our clients to benefit from Single Sign-On immediately instead of getting mired down in the search for single sign-on nirvana.”

“Our core methodology does a great job for the majority of organizations out there. And most of the remaining companies have minor complexities that require just a few tweaks to the basic service. By asking a few questions about your network and applications, we can tell very quickly if an organization is a good candidate for this service, and exactly what will be involved, both technically and financially. So far, clients who have measured ROI found they had a pay-back period of just a few months.”

Description and Pricing

The SSO stat! service includes an up-front ROI evaluation, guided SSO implementation for any or all of an organization’s users, technical staff training on how the system works, and on-going support to quickly remediate any issues introduced by routine software updates.

Through December 31, 2012, Botz & Associates is offering special introductory pricing for SSO stat! at $2,995 with a 2-year support contract of $333 per month, or $5,995 without a support contract. The base package covers up to 500 users; additional users can be implemented at $5 per user. The SSO stat! service also offers optional Expansion Packs for applications that require specialized SSO configuration, such as enabling WebSphere Application Server.

Contact us to find out more about SSO stat! or download a complimentary, vendor-independent SSO ROI Calculator.

Free SSO ROI Calculator

Download the Botz SSO ROI Calculator to get a more precise, independent estimate of SSO's payback period and long-term ROI for your organization.

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