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Security Consulting

Whether you have a specific information security requirement, or you need a partner in the ongoing IT security management process, Botz & Associates is the best choice for your security needs.  Led by renowned security expert Patrick Botz, we have many years of technical and business experience securing mission-critical applications running on IBM i (AS/400), Unix, AIX and Linux platforms.

We’re ready to help you with nearly any information security management need, including:

  1. Consulting (What you should do)
  2. Design and architecture (How you should do it)
  3. Implementation (Do it)

Specialized security expertise

    • Strategic Security Planning

      Information security is a business tool, deployed to mitigate business risk. Botz & Associates uses a proven, repeatable business process to help top management develop a rational security plan.

    • SSO / Password Management

      With the right password management techniques in place, you can offload your help desk, save your company a boat-load of money, plus improve the user experience across the enterprise.

    • Biometrics

      Advances in biometrics Advances in biometrics technology and sensor production have made this once-futuristic method of authentication a cost-effective and practical alternative for many businesses.

    • Compliance Services

      HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.....our security compliance approach focuses on solutions that are easy to understand, easy to manage, and that meet the specific compliance objective.

    • Custom Services

      If you need help with a specific security requirement, then you want our Custom Services. From audit remediation to security cost reduction to security policy advice, Botz & Associates is here to help.

    • TeamSecurity

      If you're looking for someone to take the information security management journey with you -- not just someone to identify your security deficiencies -- then our TeamSecurity offering is the perfect fit for you!

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