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Utilities are software programs and tools that provide useful, security related functions. This utility, like all Botz & Associates utilities, is provided as-is for a one-time charge. The one-time charge provides an enterprise-wide license.

In A Guide to Practical Single Sign-On, former IBM Security Lead Patrick Botz explains how you can quickly reduce password costs when you approach SSO from a business perspective rather than a technology perspective.

This solution-independent Password Management ROI Calculator helps estimate your current costs to manage user IDs and passwords, the cost of proposed solutions, and the return on investment for each of your solution options.

In this free video series, Evaluating SSO ROI — An Independent Approach, Patrick Botz walks you through how to use his ROI Calculator to estimate your company’s cost of managing passwords and how to find the solution with the best ROI.

In the presentation handouts for How Can i Do PCI?, Patrick Botz examines the 12 sections of PCI DSS, identifying which specific requirements are enforceable at the OS level, which can be addressed by native i/OS functions, and which will require additional tools.

Learn how to improve security by following practical policies in the presentation handouts for Building A Strong Password Management System.

The 5-part SSO & Password Elimination for IBM i details how to eliminate passwords from your environment, from evaluating your business need to configuring and debugging.

Information Security Management for Dummies provides actionable tips and a repeatable, business-oriented process for sensible security policies.

In this presentation, Demystifying Security, Patrick Botz offers tips on the best way to define, implement and verify adherence to your security policies.