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Enterprise-Wide Security Management Process

At a high level, Botz's Enterprise-Wide Security Management Process advocates the following steps:

  1. Define business requirements
  2. Identify the human behaviors required OR prohibited to meet business requirements
  3. Identify settings or tools required to prevent, force, or detect human behaviors
  4. Evaluate solution options for ROI
  5. Select solution and implement while minimizing outages

The Botz Integrated Enterprise-Wide Security Management Process

By following this process for each engagement, Botz and Associates helps ensure that you select the most effective and cost-efficient security solution for your needs.

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“I have had the pleasure to work with Pat on a number of occasions. In addition to his dedication and expertise, Pat combines two very unique talents:

1) His ability to simplify technically complex
    issues; and
2) His approach to balance technical
    challenges and business risks.

Pat does not simply look for how technology and processes can be implemented to solve issues, but rather learns how customers operate, identifies their specific security objectives, and strives to build long-term relationships.”

— Jack McAfee, Botz & Associates client