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Password Management Services

  • Tired of resetting users’ or customers’ passwords?

  • Do password-related problems drain 30%, 50% or more of your help desk’s time?

  • Do you find the vast array of expensive 3rd party userID, SSO, and password management solutions daunting?

Password management should not be a burden! Request a free 1-hour consultation and we’ll help you determine the best type (not brand!) of SSO solution for your environment – no charge, no obligation.


Free 1-Hour Password Management Consultation

Our password management experts will help you get started with password management by walking you through a proven, vendor-independent methodology to calculate your return on investment for your different solution options.

In an interactive online meeting, we will work with you to:

  • Estimate how much your organization currently spends on userID and password management
  • Identify at least one type of SSO / password management solution to reduce those costs
  • Estimate the cost for implementing that type of solution
  • Calculate your return on investment for the selected type of solution

Best of all, we’ll leave you with a copy of Botz & Associates’ independent SSO ROI Calculator so you can refine your ROI criteria, evaluate specific solutions and present the results to your management.

SSO and password management is just one of the specialty areas at Botz & Associates. Check out our other services too! 

Free SSO ROI Calculator

Download the Botz SSO ROI Calculator to get a more precise, independent estimate of SSO's payback period and long-term ROI for your organization.

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SSO Podcast with Patrick Townsend

Patrick Townsend of Townsend Security talks with Patrick Botz about how to simplify SSO.

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