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Strategic Security Planning

Information Security can be split into two categories: business requirements and technical implementation.

Management is responsible for clearly communicating business requirements. The IT organization is responsible for meeting those requirements.Too often, however, management leaves both aspects to the technical team.


Information security management is NOT about choosing the right settings for a bunch of complicated "knobs and dials." It’s simply a tool used to mitigate business risk in a cost-effective way.

Yet in many organizations, technical people make purely technical decisions about purely business issues for purely technical reasons.

From the technical team's perspective, the highest priority is to deliver information to the rest of the business. Therefore, without exceptional security expertise on staff, security changes are often rejected as being "too risky.” This also gets reported back to management as "making those changes will break the system" or "it will cost too much to make changes."

Senior management needs to ensure that it makes rational business decisions about security. Doing so requires understanding the true nature and quantity of the technical risk compared against the business risk associated with not making the required security changes.


BAI is uniquely positioned to help senior management make rational security management decisions. We have a deep understanding of both the business and technical aspects of security.

We can do this because our experts have a unique blend of business and technical expertise. We don't have two separate organizations: one for business processes, and one for technical expertise. This means senior management gets the information they need, in a form they can readily consume, in order to make responsible business decisions. It also means that the technical team has a clear understanding of the business requirements, along with the technical expertise they need to appropriately analyze and efficiently and effectively implement business requirements defined by senior management.


Integrated Security Mgmt PrUtilizing our business expertise, we help management implement and execute a business process for managing information security. The business process ensures that management has all of the information it needs to make rational business decisions.

Our technical expertise ensures the technical team understands business requirements. We teach them to properly analyze technical risk. We also show the technical team how to make security changes while minimizing the risk of unplanned outages.

Overall, the business process ensures that your organization will continue to make rational business decisions regarding information security long after we leave.


You can use Botz expertise to help with any aspect of your security planning, including:

  1. Identify, define, and prioritize your business requirements.
  2. Analyze the real technical impacts of security management requirements.
  3. Implement requirements in the most cost effective way, while minimizing technical risks.
  4. Establish and implement a business process for managing information security.



Many companies find that they need Chief Security Officer expertise on a regular basis to keep their security policies up-to-date. For those companies, we offer a budget-friendly service called TeamSecurity.

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