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Biometric-Based Security Services

Once only the dominion of sci-fi aficionados, biometrics has become a mainstream security technology for organizations that want to lower the cost and improve security of user authentication for sensitive applications and information.

business-ready Biometrics

Today, due to advances in both technology and cost controls, biometrics is gaining popularity in businesses such as banking, healthcare, hospitality, gaming, utilities and manufacturing.

Patrick Botz has evaluated, architected and implemented a number of biometric-based systems for customers around the world. He has the expertise to analyze your environment and design a system that makes strategic and financial sense for your business objectives.

Use our expertise to help you determine:

  • If biometrics is the most cost-effective way to achieve your goals
  • The most appropriate biometric technology for your needs
  • Which solution options are available to you
  • Which one biometric solution will result in the best ROI

Centrally-Managed Biometrics

As a partner at Valid Technologies, Patrick manages development of VSSA, a hardware-agnostic biometric middleware solution for IT Shops. This product buffers business programmers from the details of biometric authentication, leaving them to concentrate on … well … business – not the intricacies of biometric authentication. Because of VSSA’s unique focus on IT shop requirements and its independence from sensor manufacturers, Patrick recommends it when appropriate.

Contact us to see how the security and convenience of powerful biometric authentication can improve your company’s business processes.

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