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“Former Hostgator employee arrested, charged with rooting 2,700 servers” was the headline of an April 19, 2013 article published by Ars Technica website. ┬áRooting refers to providing the attacker a way to gain superuser access on a computer system. Doing … Continue reading

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This from a LinkedIn group post published on “In the ever evolving threat landscape that is IT security, some security executives have become so focused on taking an approach that meets compliance requirements that their attention has become diverted … Continue reading

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How many times have you heard someone say “Nobody would want to attack my computer.”? ┬áI’ve heard it too many times to count. I even hear it from some of the businesses I work with. Well Brian Krebs, author of … Continue reading

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Recently I did a Google search for Kerberos-related problems on V7R1 for IBM i. The results should be useful for lots of IBM i customers using SSO. The first one, SI43918, is in a CUM package. However, some of the … Continue reading

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